Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Part Dos

On Saturday I enjoyed a 3.5 mile jog with my friend Ashlie who will be doing a 5k with me in December. She is also a certified personal trainer so I get her tips while training!
After we stretched we visited a local farmers market that was very small and a stop by Starbucks to discuss our plan for completing the 5k.
To many 5k’s aren't that big of a deal compared to the half-marathon I will be doing in March but I am a very new runner and really don’t want to get injured before the half marathon training begins!

Later that day I was rejoined with Jen as we cleaned her old cottage and finished the evening with fro-yo! This was a new place I had never been to called Crazy 4 Yogurt. I have never seen such a topping selection before!

I stuck with my all time favorite toppings: Fresh Strawberries, Oreo crumbles, Butterfinger crumbles and just a dash of caramel syrup. All on top of yogurt flavors: cake batter, cappuccino and fat-free mint.
So that has been my weekend thus far, aside from church this beautiful Sunday morning.

What are your favorite fro-yo flavors and toppings?

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