Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new beginning

Well, here we are again, attempting another blog. This time I actually have stuff to write about! I am making a strong attempt to be a runner. I am signed up for a few events so far and have started "training" on my own.

So far I am making a few dumb mistakes. Like attempting to run in my brand new shoes & inserts, not stretching fully, running at a faster pace than I am used to, etc... The only sports I have ever seriously participated in has been water polo and swimming in high school. That means I NEVER ran!

This blog is basically going to be: Dash = my running adventures & Dish = about my personal life, celebrity gossip (which will probably be me swooning over Ryan Gosling), and FOOD! Ive been inspired by the blogs I have been following to start my own to document this journey.

Welp, here goes nothin'!


  1. Goo luck my little megnut! I an excited for this adventure for you!!!

  2. *good.... not sure you want goo luck .....

  3. awww my #1 supporter/fan hehe <3