Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A few days..

A few days have passed us since I have been able to blog. Basically I am just getting back into the groove from the funeral trip to Washington and trying to catch up with work. 
I love the family I dont get to see that often in other states but I really missed my own bed and my favorite pup Kyley.

Ollie on left, Kyley on right
Sunday night I made a repeat Thanksgiving dinner for my parents, sister and friend. Complete with my super delicious Texas Yams! 

I also signed up for the DailyMileSecretSanta! I love gift exchanges and you have until Dec 6th to sign up for this one.
Click to join!

Ive also been participating in the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge. Even while I was in Washington I made sure to at least get my 7 servings of fruit and veggies each day for at least 1 point. Now I am getting back into the routine of going to the gym everyday. I have been going every morning and getting my miles in!

Good luck to the rest of you HBBCers!! And the more the merrier for the Secret Santa!!

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