Monday, January 2, 2012

Officially 2012

Happy New Year!

Went with the family today to see New Years Eve at the theater. It wasnt great, that was to be expected. But I did enjoy looking at Zac Efron *swoon* 

I also met up with my friend Ashlie who is a personal trainer. She is going to help me get on track with my nutrition. Beginning Wednesday, I will be doing a boot camp 3 days a week. So my schedule will look like this:

Sunday: Fleet Feet Training PM
Monday: Boot camp AM
Tuesday: Fleet Feet Training PM
Wednesday: Boot camp AM
Thursday: Fleet Feet Training PM
Friday: Boot camp AM
Saturday: REST!

I am hoping this along with proper nutrition I will feel a lot better about myself, inside and out. Also, it may help me win my companys biggest looser challenge ;) $350 is at stake! I hear new summer wardrobe with that cash!! 

Thanks to my sister I will also be utilizing the new cookbook she got me for Christmas. 
Helloooooo delicious, healthy meals for both the boy AND I to enjoy together!!

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