Sunday, December 18, 2011


So last weekend I ran in my very first 5K! The Jingle Bell Rock'n 5K/10K
First ever race bib :D
 The night before I was sooooo excited I layed out everything to make sure I was to go as soon as I woke up. 

Santa leg warmers!!
Ashlie and I on the starting line
I finished in 41:36. Not too bad since it was my first race. Since I dont have a Garmin or other fancy watch, I used RunKeeper on my iPhone. It told me after that my first mile was under 11 minutes! I knew I felt great that mile, but I had NO clue that I was running faster than I ever had! Needless to say I did have to walk a bit but all my miles were under 13 minutes. My calves did get tight and hard to run. 

As soon as I finished I felt great tho. I was breathing normal and functioning fine with in a minute or two after.  I actually felt like I could probably run a little more. So that has me hopefully and confident that I wont actually during my 1/2 Marathon training that begins in January.

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